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Que faut-il et comment faut-il enseigner le journalisme aux étudiants aujourd’hui? L’impeccable Jeff Jarvis, s’y colle depuis des années et il fait part de son questionnement dans un post qu’il vient de publier. Un point de vue qui entre en résonnance forte avec la formation multimédia mise en place par le CFJ (Centre de formation des journalistes à Paris)

Je vous livre en vrac quelques citations que je n’ai pas le temps de traduire ;-(

La notion de « conversation » dans l’info

The idea is not new. But I do think it more widely accepted in my tribes of bloggers, journalists, and educators. And it is more apparent thanks to technology. The internet is less a medium filled with content than it is a platform that enables connections between people and information and each other.

Le rôle du journaliste

The reality of business and journalism is that we must find new ways to collaborate; as our institutions shrink, our strategic challenge in news is to produce less and gather more – and thus we need to encourage others to produce more so we can gather it. And our challenge as educators is to improve the journalism that all these people, professional and amateur, do.

Enseigner le journalisme via les blogs

But in my first year teaching at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism, I must confess, I did my worst job teaching weblogs. Oh, the irony. I made the assumption that these young people shared a common understanding of blogging when, in fact, they each brought widely different definitions and presumptions, some treacherous (that is, that blogging licenses and demands snarking). Many weren’t ready to serve a public, did not know how to, even feared doing so.

Former les étudiants à … enseigner

I argue that we should consider the idea of turning newsrooms into classrooms, where journalists help new practitioners accomplish their goals more effectively – improving their journalism – and where the journalists, too, learn from the community and also learn collaboration with their communities. So it follows that we need to teach our students to become teachers of journalism.

Le récit multimédia (multimedia storytelling)

I hope we also teach students to experiment with new forms of storytelling, mixing media not on a page but in a narrative. The real lesson here is not in any single tool or technique: It is the imperative of change, of flexibility, and of innovation.

L’économie des médias

We were also taught to protect journalism from the business people and business interests that, in fact, supported our endeavors. As a result, we do not operate in a culture of change and innovation in journalism. And too many do not understand the economics that support or threaten the industry.